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“TWAM is a complete artist, with high level musicianship, emotional directness and a voice that can float through many genres with effortless precision and rich tones. Audiences just want to hear more.”

-Performers On The Go


Solo artist Twam (real name Stephen Sifflard) combines elements of pop, alternative, soul and melodic rap, whilst maintaining a cohesive sound. Twam’s rhythmic grooves are the foundation of his instrumentals, which he mostly crafts himself. 


Twam has now released 5 singles to date "Outta Time", "You Can't Lie (Coast to Coast)", "IDEK.", "you Give and You Give" and his new release "Identity Crisis".  All five songs have drawn attention from a large crowd who are intrigued by the catchy hooks and can relate to the song's universal themes. With influences such as Nirvana, The Weeknd, Frank Ocean, Foo Fighters, Kid Cudi, etc. and a growing social media audience (20,000+ followers on TikTok), there is a lot in store for this creative new artist.

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