“TWAM is a complete artist, with high level musicianship, emotional directness and a voice that can float through many genres with effortless precision and rich tones. Audiences just want to hear more.”

-Performers On The Go

21-year-old singer and drummer, Twam, combines elements of pop, alternative, melodic rap, and R&B with intricately layered, groove-based instrumentals and vocals that can soar sky high or provide a delicate and intimate feel. Twam (real name Stephen Sifflard) is first and foremost a drummer who has grown up playing in band’s all over the Boston area. Most notably playing with his original alternative rock band, Roll Over White, who have gained an impressive following performing all over New England and NYC, and accumulating almost 502,000 streams on Spotify.


Twam’s debut single “Outta Time”, released in February, has drawn attention from a large crowd who are intrigued by its catchy hook, but also relate to the song’s universal theme of running out of time to pursue your aspirations. His next single “You Can’t Lie (Coast to Coast)” is scheduled to release May 27th. With influences such as Nirvana, The Weeknd, Frank Ocean, Foo Fighters, Kid Cudi, etc. and a growing social media audience (17.6k followers on TikTok), there is a lot in store for this creative new artist.